Drinking Water Regulatory Compliance Group

Permitting and Operational Regulatory Support – HPW’s team of compliance specialists that manage the operational permits for drinking water system facilities in HPW’s 7 public water supplies. They also coordinate Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) (and other regulatory agency) inspections and communications. In addition, the team supports the Drinking Water Operations Branch by providing compliance assistance, developing and maintaining monitoring and reporting plans, and assisting with development of both training and guidance documents.

Drinking Water Laboratory - HPW’s NELAP accredited drinking water analytical laboratory uses state-of-the-art equipment to monitor the treatment effectiveness of each Drinking Water Treatment Plant and water quality throughout the distribution system. As a NELAP accredited laboratory, data from this in-house laboratory is submitted directly to TCEQ to demonstrate drinking water system and permit compliance. The drinking water laboratory staff conduct ~ 100,000 drinking water analyses every year. 

Cross Connection Control Program – DWRC’s Cross Connection Control Program (CCCP) strives to maintain the quality of water provided to all of our customers by reducing the risk of contamination and/or pollution of the City of Houston’s public water system. To accomplish this, the CCCP works to eliminate any potential cross-connections. The program requires the installation, maintenance, and annual testing of an approved backflow prevention assembly wherever a potential hazard is determined to exist.