Houston Water Planning

The Planning Branch supports Houston Water by advising on delivery of water and wastewater services today, and planning for delivery of those services in the future. Toward that end, the Planning Branch is responsible for ensuring Houston has water supplies to meet existing and future needs, managing water and wastewater contracts, and promoting water efficiency and conservation. The Planning Branch is also responsible for mapping water and wastewater infrastructure, advising on infrastructure shutdowns, and recommending capital projects to improve the water and wastewater systems’ resiliency and support Houston’s continued growth. The Planning Branch is also responsible for evaluating and permitting new connections to the water and wastewater systems and developing long-range plans.

The Planning Branch is comprised of the following work groups:

Geographical Information Systems (GIS) 
  • Enterprise data management, administration and analytics 
  • Water ​distribution and wastewater collection ​systems infrastructure mapping 
  • GIS Service requests, analysis, and ArcGIS application support for Houston Water 
  • ArcGIS online solutions deployment
Infrastructure & Development Services 
Drinking Water Infrastructure Planning  
  • Water system modeling 
  • Water infrastructure planning & CIP development
  • Risk-based strategic asset management
  • Predictive operational analysis
    Wastewater Infrastructure Planning
    • Wastewater system modeling 
    • Wastewater infrastructure planning & CIP development
    • Consent Decree compliance requirements support
    • Advanced Infrastructure Analytics Platform
    • Risk-based strategic asset management
    • Predictive operational analysis
    Water Infrastructure Planning Team
    • Citywide Planning (Long Term, Short Term, Interim, Strategic)
    • Citywide Model Building & Update
    • Citywide Capacity Assessment
    • Condition Assessment & Need Prioritization (Asset Management)
    • Data Integration and Baseline Analytics
    • Shutdown Modeling
    • Operational & Maintenance Support
    • Contract Support
    • MUD Support
    • New/Re-Development Support to Infrastructure & Development Services Group
    • CIP Support (Project Development, Project Support & Project Coordination)
    • Regulatory Compliance Support
    • Special Studies (Director, Council Member or other requests)
    • Surface Water Right
    • GRP Conversion Plan
    • Water Reuse & Conservation
    Water Programs & Education 
    • Water conservation and efficiency programs and education 
    • Sanitary sewer overflow Prevention outreach 
    • Water Loss Task Force
    Water Contracting
    • Surface water and groundwater permits 
    • Water and wastewater contracts 
    • Groundwater Reduction Plan management and contracts 
    • Utility District creation and annexation reviews

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