Project Support Services

Project Support Services (PSS) is one of five Delivery Lines within Capital Projects.  We currently have 28 Team Members available to assist Capital Projects in meeting all Goals and Key Performance Measures.   Within PSS we have five support teams identifies as follows:

Public Engagement 

  • Community Service Engagement (Design and Pre-Construction Public Meetings) 
  • Community Customer Service Engagement (Customer Service Requests, TPIA coordination

Coversheet and Contract Award Process  

  • Coversheet and Contract Award Process  
  • Advertisement and Bidding Services  
  • Project Close out Coordination.

Employee Service and Financial Management

  • Asset Management (Equipment/Vehicle) 
  • Financial Management (Capital Projects Budget Management)  

Administrative Support

  • Administrative Support 
  • Employee Management (On/Off Boarding and Employee Management System)   


PSS is an all-inclusive one-stop-support provider for Capital Projects.  We are a consolidated support group to assist Capital Projects to deliver Capital Improvement Projects.   We exemplify process improvements through innovation and creativity.  All of our processes are designed to contribute to the overall project quality by reduction of time in delivery schedules, effective management of Construction Bids, effective communication with internal and external clients, managing the fiscal responsibility of our Service line and provide a platform to engage the citizens of Houston.   Some of our current tools includes the Coversheet Tracker, CIVCAST, Employee Management System and Engage Houston website.   


Continuously add value by providing objective and innovative services that will improve standard operating processes and procedures.

  • Provide professional and courteous service and strive to provide a positive and quality experience. 
  • Provide accurate, consistent, and timely information. 
  • Work to provide acceptable solutions. Utilize feedback to improve our services and processes.


Project Support Services offers Capital Projects and other customers and partners three primary services focusing on Streamline Processes, Improved Efficiency and Professional Customer Services.            
Mission statement: To provide effective and responsibly managed business practices for supporting the needs of Capital Projects its mission to successfully deliver capital projects.         
Vision Statement:  To achieve excellence in providing proactive project support services to Capital Projects so that accountability, effectiveness, efficiencies and performance are optimized. Mission Statement: Vision Statement: 

Statement Values: 

  • Improve efficiency and effectiveness in Project Support Services    
  • Identify and resolve issues quickly   
  • Become a reliable resource        

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