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Set Usage Bills Begin for Single-Family Residential Customers

May 01, 2024

Water Bill Improvement Plan takes crucial steps to ensure accurate water bills

HOUSTON - During the month of May, single-family residential customers will begin receiving set usage water bills as part of Mayor John Whitmire’s Water Bill Improvement Plan. Set usage bills will provide customers with consistent water bills while Houston Public Works makes necessary improvements to ensure the accuracy of each customer’s monthly water usage readings. Customers will continue to receive set usage bills until they receive an upgraded remote reading device OR confirmation that their current device is working and providing accurate usage readings to the billing system. Last month, Houston Public Works sent letters notifying customers of their set usage. Set usage bills will be printed on blue paper and arrive depending on a customer’s billing cycle.

Customers are billed on various dates throughout each month. The City of Houston determined the set usage for single-family residential customers based on the age of their account.

  • For customers with accounts older than one year (created before March 1, 2023) the set usage is calculated by using the customer’s average water consumption up to 36 months. This calculation does not include usage during the drought (June – December 2023), the winter storm freeze (February and March 2021), potential water leaks on a customer’s property and months with estimated billing.

  • For customers with accounts less than one year old (created after March 1, 2023) the set usage of 3,000 gallons per month will be assigned based on the average consumption for new Houston water accounts.


  • If a customer has a functioning remote reading device and uses less than their set usage, the City of Houston will bill the customer on their lower, actual usage.

  • If a customer with a functioning remote reading device uses more than their set usage, they will not be charged for using more water than their set amount.

Single-family residential customers can check to see if their remote reading device is functioning on the Houston Public Works dashboard at improvewaterbills.org.

Customers with questions about their set usage or water bill accounts are encouraged to call 713.371.1400. We also have in-person appointments available Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays between 10 am –3 pm at 4200 Leeland (Houston Public Works Water Customer Service Office). There is also a virtual Microsoft Teams option if a customer is unable to attend in person. To schedule an appointment, please visit improvewaterbills.org.

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