Substitute Service Line Program

For the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of Houston, the Substitute Service Line Program (SSLP) provides water and wastewater service line re-locations (substitute services) to water or wastewater mains within the public right-of-way.

A water or wastewater service line is a pipe from the water or wastewater main, respectively, to the point of connection – business or residential home to be served. SSLP includes the abandonment of (1) aged, worn or defected main lines that are subject to excessive leaks or sudden failure, (2) main lines located such that access for repairs or maintenance is prevented or hindered, and (3) old main lines which lack sufficient capacity to provide adequate service meeting general City standards.

The program is further described as follows:

Requests for Rights-of-Entry:

Houston Public Works requests owners or tenants of property sign a Right-of-Entry document to grant department personnel or contractors (City representatives) entry onto real property. City representatives need access to the property to perform work associated with the service line relocation, including the construction of it. Work associated with the service line re-locations and abandonment of lines is only performed after all right-of-ways within the project limits are received.

Service Re-connection Phase:

City representatives construct a service lead, if none exist, from the sewer main to each property. A service line to the service lead is then constructed.