Utility Relocation Ordinance Program

The City of Houston Utility Relocation Ordinance Program was adopted by City Council in April 2005 to establish a utility relocation policy for the City of Houston; amending Chapter 40 of the Code of Ordinances to set forth policies and procedures for the relocation of facilities located within the public rights-of-way to accommodate Public Works construction projects. The program is intended to promote cooperation from private utility owners where the relocation of their facilities are necessary to accommodate public improvement projects.

The planning, coordination, and relocation of private utilities within the public right-of-way has a significant impact on Public Works ability to deliver Capital Improvement Projects. In an effort to manage future and ongoing efforts, regular monthly utility coordination meetings are held with the primary utility stakeholders to present updates on the progress of all City projects that require private utility relocations and review schedules for ongoing and future private utility relocation efforts. The complexity of these activities requires a continuous dedication from multiple public and private organizations to coordinate and manage these efforts, and is one of the key essential functions in the successful completion of Public Works projects.