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Water Bill Update: Some Single-family Residential Customers will transition from set usage bills to actual usage water bills

June 25, 2024

HOUSTON - The City of Houston will begin transitioning to actual usage water bills for some single-family residential customers who have working remote reading devices (RRD). Those customers will soon receive official letters that their accounts will return to actual water usage no sooner than 60 days from the date of the notification. As a result of this change, the customers will notice a change in their water bill from the blue "set usage" to white "actual" usage bills.

The Houston Public Works Customer Account Services team has verified multiple readings to ensure the device is functioning and sending accurate information on water usage. Additional verification will take place during the 60-day transition period.

It's important to note that with the transition, some customers may observe that their actual usage is higher than their set usage. This could result in a higher monthly bill once the set usage billing period ends.

“We want to ensure that you are fully informed about these changes and are prepared for any potential adjustments in your bill, allowing you to plan accordingly,” said Houston Public Works Chief Operating Officer Randy Macchi. “This update only applies to single-family residential customers with an upgraded, working remote reading device (RRD).”

Other customers will remain on set usage bills until they have a verified functioning remote reading device. Customers can track the replacement of their RRD using the dashboard at improvewaterbills.org.

Houston Public Works continues to ramp up the deployment of remote reading devices. Currently, more than 34,000 RRD’s have been installed since the launch of the Water Bill Improvement Plan on April 1, 2024. The city expects to install approximately 125,000 remote reading devices throughout Houston by the end of 2024.

Houston Public Works continues to enhance customer service through the Water Bill Improvement Plan. The following changes have taken place since the plan launched:

  • Expanded in-person customer service availability. Customers can schedule in-person or virtual appointments.

  • Employed new quality control measures for an easier resolution process.

  • Streamlined relief requests into one centralized form.

  • On March 20, 2024, City Council voted to repeal City Ordinance 47-72 to make it easier to provide accurate adjustments to customer accounts.

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