Surplus Property Sales

Real Property For Sale

Property that is surplus to the City’s needs is processed for sale. Property offerings are conducted periodically and are based on various factors, including market conditions, inquiries about the property, future needs, and the ability to recapture the City’s investment in the property. Property cannot be sold for less than the appraised fair market value. Properties are sold by bid sale in accordance with the Texas Local Government Code and the City of Houston Code of Ordinances.

Currently Accepting Bid Offers

Real Estate Services does not process all requests for city-owned property.

  • For sale of City property owned by departments other than Public Works, please visit the General Services Department’s  Real Property Sale website.
  • For sale of foreclosed properties, please contact Linebarger, Goggan, Blair and Sampson, LLP at their website or by phone at (713) 844-3400.
  • For inquiries regarding street right-of-way and underground utilities, or approval of encroachments into streets or alleys please visit the Joint Referral Committee website

Contact Us

To receive notices about surplus property postings, please sign up for the Surplus Property e-mail list here

For more information on any of the properties currently accepting offers, help placing a bid, or to inquire about any other Houston Water property, please contact the Real Estate Services team by email or by phone at 832-395-3155 or 832-395-3126.

Bid Sale Process Flowchart