Fix a Leak Week

Houston Public Works partners with the Environmental Protection Agency and their Water Sense program to combat the water lost every year to leaks and needed repairs.

Fix-a-Leak-Week workshop activities cover do-it-yourself projects directly from plumbing professionals. Residents can pick up cost saving strategies, develop new talents, and receive valuable resource materials. All this at no charge, while gaining an insight on how to use our limited water supply wisely and skills to care for it properly!

In 2021 Houston Public Works partnered with Dallas, Fort Worth, Round Rock, and Tarrant Regional Water District to offer two virtual Fix a Leak Week workshops. Citizens from all over the state could log in to learn how to fix simple plumbing problems, detect and patch leaks in their own home, and receive information about how to conserve water using water efficient fixtures. Check out the video recordings of the 2021 Fix a Leak week Workshops.

Information about how to participate in the 2022 Fix a Leak Week events will be posted soon!

If you are a plumbing company or irrigation company that would like to partner with Houston Public Works to provide education in the 2022 Fix a Leak Week events, please email [email protected].