The Houston Water Team is available to provide presentations for schools, clubs, HOAs, businesses, council districts, and varied organizations. We offer both in-person and virtual presentations. To request a presentation or if you have any questions, please contact [email protected].

Presentations Available:
  • Water Conservation (Conservation): Audience will learn how to use and conserve water at home, school and work. Activities will highlight how conservation affects our drinking water resources, water treatment demand and our future water needs and supplies.
  • Drought: Presenters will explain how the Drought Contingency Plan fits into the City of Houston’s overall Water Conservation Plan, the stages of the Drought Contingency Plan, as well as how to help reduce demand and conserve water during a drought.
  • Protect Our Pipes: Information on Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) will be offered and how these materials clog our sewer lines when poured down drains and toilets. The audience will learn simple ways to prevent FOG from clogging sewer lines.
  • Water Quality: An overview will be provided regarding each phase of the drinking water treatment process and how water is delivered to homes, schools and places of employment. The audience will also learn the difference between storm water and wastewater.
  • Water Cycle: Presenters will explore the movement of water above and on the surface of the Earth, the sun's energy, and gain a basic understanding of the water cycle and its importance to our world.
  • Watersheds and Wetlands: Presenters will identify and define the benefits of a watershed and wetlands and why they are important to our source water.