Imagine a Day Without Water

Since 2019, Houston Public Works has been a proud partner of the U.S. Water Alliance. Each year since joining Houston Public Works participates in the national education campaign “Imagine a Day without Water”. The campaign is intended to raise awareness about the value of water and recognize what life would be like without it.

Houston Public Works uses the event to educate and engage the community with interactive and educational contests, programs, special events, resolutions, and social media engagement all centered around how water is essential, invaluable and in need of investment.

2022 Imagine a Day Without Water Events

TIKTOK Contest

As part of the national education campaign “Imagine a Day Without Water” Houston Public Works invites the community to participate in a TikTok contest all about water. Show us your love for WATER! Sing a song, read a poem, play your instrument, create a dance, act out a skit, or show us your best water conservation tip, whatever your heart desires. We are looking for creative entries. Let the value of water inspire you!

To enter into the contest, post a TikTok video inspired by water and hashtag #ValueWaterHouston. The first-place winner will receive $1000!

VIEW the flyer below for full contest information and rules:

Walk for Water

Register now to participate in the 2022 Walk for Water!

2.2 billion people around the world lack access to safe drinking water. In many countries, women and children must walk over three miles to collect water for their families and communities. Often, this water is not safe to drink. But there is hope. Join Houston Public Works and our partner, Grundfos, in the fight against water insecurity all over the globe. The event spreads awareness about those around the world without access to clean drinking water and 100% of funds raised go directly to the non-profit Water Mission to build safe water solutions in developing nations and disaster areas.

Participants will carry a bucket and walk 1.5 miles along Buffalo Bayou to a water source where they will fill their bucket and then walk 1.5 miles back to the starting point (simulating the voyage that many people worldwide make to bring clean water back to their homes). We walk, so others don’t have to.

When you register be sure to select “Join a Team” and join the Houston Public Works Team!

  • Event Details: 
  • Date: Saturday, October 29, 2022 
  • Location: Allen’s Landing, 1005 Commerce St, Houston, TX 77002
  • Time: 10am to 12pm 
  • Registration Cost: $25, registration includes an official event t-shirt and access to the event. Enjoy food, entertainment, and music.

For more information: [email protected]

2021 Imagine a Day Without Water Video Contest Winners!

Along with receiving prizes the 2021 Imagine a Day Without Water Video Contest winners were awarded certificates of appreciation from the Houston Public works Director, City Council, and the mayor.