Winter Sprinkler Shut Off

Houston, join the Winter Sprinkler Shut-Off!!  Turn off your automated sprinkler system from November 1st to February 28th to save water and money.
With shorter days and colder nights, turfgrass goes dormant during the winter. Dormant grass requires almost no supplemental irrigation since typical winter rainfall patterns are usually more than sufficient for your lawn’s needs. Turning off irrigation systems helps conserve water and can help protect the system from damaging winter conditions 

After February 28, use the Water My Yard APP to know when to water

Sign up at or download the free app from your app store (search Water My Yard). You can select to receive free texts, emails, or app notifications. This free tool tells you exactly how much water your lawn needs on a weekly basis (if any). This ensures you are not using too much water and keeps your yard healthy!  Water My Yard uses both local rainfall data and information about your sprinkler system to give you the most accurate information.